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Your purchase of Nomad Bundle includes all the awesome tools, gear and digital discounts listed below:

Minaal Carry-on 2.0: Minaal's travel carry-on speeds you through airport security and avoids the dreaded ‘carousel tango’ at the other end. Built with components hand-selected for exceptional performance and durability, the 2.0 is a backpack that's super light and effortlessly protects your digital devices in our DeviceNest™ compartment. This is more than just a backpack or a travel bag. It's a companion that knows when to help you organize - and when to get out of your way. 🔥  $299 value!

Roost Laptop Stand: Roost is the world's most portable, lightweight, eye-level laptop stand that elevates your screen for good ergonomic posture. Hand-built in Denver, Colorado, the Roost is manufactured using high-precision industrial capabilities common to the aerospace, medical, and defense industries. Cherished by nomads all over, this is a must-have for working while you're on the move. 🔥  $80 value!

Nomad List Membership Discount - 30% Off Any Membership: Nomad List is the largest community of travelers, remote workers and digital nomads around the world. Join to get access to Nomad List Chat, a mobile, desktop and web chat app that lets you talk to 44,528+ other travelers in 268 cities. It's also accessible as a Slack group or IRC chat. There's been 1,235,639 messages sent since its inception in late 2014 making the chat the most used part of Nomad List by far. 🔥 $150+ value! 

The Mimic Method Hyper-Phonic 10-Language Power Pack: By teaching you simple techniques for developing awareness and control of your mouth, The Mimic Method removes the biggest obstacle to your ability to speak more like a native and understand the language in conversation. Access to 10 premium courses to help you learn your target language fast, with an impressive accent. Languages included: Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese & Russian. 🔥  $2000 value!

Delegation Ninja, from Pivot author Jenny Blake: In the 8-week Delegation Ninja course you’ll learn everything you need to know about delegating like a pro—how to stop being the bottleneck in your life and work and start strategically getting help instead. You’ll learn what to delegate, how to assign tasks effectively to ensure you get the results you want, and how to find the perfect person (or team) to hire. By the end of this course you will free up hours of your week, and (more importantly) you will feel lighter and freer, more available for the activities and people you really care about. 🔥 $297 value!

Abroaders Private Community Membership: Your Abroaders Community Membership helps you turn your everyday spending into 90% discounts on flights. Abroaders has helped thousands of travelers save millions on flights, visiting over 70 countries. Average savings are over $800 per flight in economy class and over $3,300 in business class. Just add your travel plans, create your wish list, provide a couple other details, and their team of pro’s will build a custom plan just for you, based on your unique travel plans and goals. Unlock travel to thousands of cities, in every continent of the world, with one very affordable account. Purchase includes a one year membership. 🔥$120 value! 

Carrd Exclusive Discount - 40% Off Any Pro Plan: Carrd is a landing page and website builder built for makers and creatives. It's the tool of choice for digital nomads who need anything from a simple lead gen page to a side project launch site, to a deeper website experience for their creations. Get 40% off any Pro plan for the life of your subscription. 🔥 $99+ value!

Brain.FM Exclusive Discount - 20% Off Any Pro Plan: Brain.FM delivers you music that helps you focus, relax and sleep better. Integrating the right kind of music into your routine will help you reach a 'flow-like state', or help you unwind after a stressful day. Brain.FM creates music for the brain, powered by an advanced AI that was invented to have the brain of a neuroscientist and the heart of a musician. 🔥 $150+ value!